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Daniel Lai

Transform Your Career with Our Community

Daniel Lai

Transform Your Career with Our Community

Welcome to Project Violet! Let me introduce you to our network of amazing professionals in health IT

Career Transformation

(Our Weekly Journey Together)

Make better, more well-informed decisions about how to grow and thrive in your professional life. Get answers on how to evolve your career, get unstuck, and how to land your next opportunity. Find inspiration and get encouragement from your new colleagues each and every week.

Transformation Calendar

  • ACQUIRE (Week 1): Land Your Next Opportunity - Search, network, get noticed, and navigate the selection process
  • OPERATE (Week 2): Deliver Excellence - Onboard, accelerate development, and do your job well
  • GROW (Week 3): Professional Development - Set goals, build new capabilities, and expand your career competencies
  • THRIVE (Week 4): Values and Priorities - Find purpose in what you do and align your life to your most important priorities
  • EVOLVE (Week 5): Career Transitions - Re-assess long-term aspirations, get unstuck, and plan the next steps in your career

This career transformation is the center of our community. Once we complete the lifecycle, we'll re-start and build on what we've already accomplished.

Learning Community and Professional Network

We have a diverse group of leaders and experts that want to share their journey and career insights. You'll also network with other emerging professionals who share similar interests, challenges, and goals.

Daily Activities

  • MONDAY: Icebreaker of the Week - Fun topics that act as our online watercooler with conversations and polls to roll into the week
  • TUESDAY: Learning Session - Our live and online session to build career competencies and consulting capabilities
  • WEDNESDAY: Question of the Week - Community discussions on the transformation topic of the week
  • THURSDAY: Community Roundtable - Our live and online session with advisors and members on the transformation topic of the week
  • FRIDAY: Weekly Recap - A quick summary of our community highlights in case you missed it

We've designed our platform to bring you engaging and relevant content each and every day. Learn and grow with our community!

Knowledge Center

Our Knowledge Center includes 25+ training videos on career competencies and core consulting skills. We also equip you with a work-ready toolkit with 50+ guides and templates. Our content is delivered via live webinars, self-guided tutorials, and online mentoring sessions.

Courses and Programs

  • Career Transformation: All the guidance and tools to support your journey through each stage of the transformation lifecycle
  • Accelerator Program: Our training program to build career competencies and kickstart professional development
  • Consulting Tutorials and Toolkits: Bite-sized tutorials to learn consulting skills and get equipped with the tools to get the job done
  • Mastering the Gig Economy: How to plan, setup, and operate as an independent consultant
  • Exploring Healthcare: Overview of the provider/payer value chain and the companies advancing healthcare in America

We continue to add courses, tutorials, and templates throughout the year. Subscribe to our Premium Membership to gain full access to everything on our platform.

Ready to Dive In?

Join us in Project Violet to meet amazing professionals just like you who are launching, growing, and transforming their careers in our mighty network.

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